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Why me?

Asking the right questions

  • I am thinking of making a bold change (ie. resigning or selling my business or moving to another place).
    Should I go for it?

  • There is no advancement in my job but I am not sure what my talents are or which field is the most beneficial for me. (Vocation)

  • How can I make money based on my chart?

  • I feel I am stuck. What is next for me? (General prediction)

  • I met someone – is it going to last? (Synastry)

  • I don’t have any friends and I am not happy with my social life – how can I make long lasting relationships (psychology and behavior)

    These are just a few questions indicative of what astrology can help you find answers to.

I thought it was going to be weird but Eugenie is not pretentious and
she really tries to find multiple solutions while rejecting non prominent solutions.

Dimitra P

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Your only obligation is towards your own future self.

By Omega

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